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This got updated few times, added more information, more quotes, manga panels, more to Sakura's useful points.

sakura haruno by pollo1567 sakura walking gif by miyoUchihaAshima
Sakura has always been my favorite character in Naruto series, but it seems that she receives alot of bashing without any proof's, such things as calling her useless,comparing her to others(Hinata),b*tch,flat and other things. I am going to prove people wrong with using facts from manga, because anime isn't the real thing.
I saw one of the most offending journals in deviant about Sakura:… so this is a payback time I guess.

Let's start with:

EpicSakura 8 by EpicSakura Fake confession:

For that confession people started to call Sakura a lier, yet they seem to ignore the fact why she lied, she wanted Naruto to take back his promise, she wanted to release Naruto from burden. If Madara didn't tell Naruto anything then Sakura's confession would be THE SAME AS IRUKA TRYING TO PREVENT NARUTO FROM JOINING THE WAR. She didn't convert to someone who cares only about Sasuke at all. When she was told by the rookies that they had decided to kill Sasuke, who was the only person she was actually shown thinking about? Naruto. His emotional pain and how to fix it was the only thing on her mind, despite being told that her trusted comrades had decided to kill her canonical love interest.
Then, she travels all the way to the summit in violation of the restriction on traveling during the Kage Summit, where everything she does is linked back and meant to benefit Naruto in someway.
The confession, trying to give up on Sasuke, trying to get him to drop the POAL, trying to get him to come back to the village with her - that was all to try and ease Naruto's burdens, to try and protect him.
Even after Naruto tells her that she's lying to herself and that he hates people that lie to themselves, she gets angry and shouts "I don't want you chasing after Sasuke anymore if it means putting yourself in danger" - sounds pretty clear who is her priority here, and its not Sasuke.
Even trying to kill Sasuke herself, which she did out of love for him, was done also to ease Naruto's burdens. She didn't want Naruto put at risk anymore by chasing after Sasuke (whom she felt could no longer be redeemed), she didn't want Naruto to have to kill Sasuke himself. She was even willing to have Naruto hate her in order to do what she felt was best for him.
Then, in 540, we see how negatively her mental perception of Sasuke has changed from the 13 year old that thanked her for caring to the malevolent 16 year old wreathed in flames - which seems like the first step in Sakura reevaluating her feelings for Sasuke and moving past them. It certainly wasn't meant to show anything positive about Sakura's feelings for Sasuke, and the scene would be completely pointless if it was meant to show us that Sakura still loves Sasuke and is sad about him being in a dark place because we got all that last arc.Naruto says to Sakura: 'This isn't about that promise' and 'I know why Sasuke is so obsessed with Revenge', but that's something he couldn't know without Madara. Sakura tells Naruto that he's the host and should worry for his own safety (chapter 470, page 2, panel 3). All I've mentioned shows how much she cares about him.  And this 'fake confession' leads to Team 7 reuniting, It's because of Sakura that Naruto could meet up with Sasuke, both times Naruto met Sasuke was because of Sakura.
Sakura Haruno by benderZz
Sakura feels sad about hurting Naruto, she always wishes the best for him.
Kishimoto's words about confession:
Kishimoto: "On the contrary…. I felt like depicting an honest girl, with a surprisingly stubborn impression."
"So... she became such a character, but... well... from here on, maybe I should draw her showing a bit more spirit.
I figured I had placed her in a heroin-like situation
But from the readers I was told harshly that she wasn't heroin-ish at all
Perhaps I should show depict her a bit more like a heroin
Because you say 'Hinata Hinata,' I say 'She's not Hinata'"

EpicSakura 10 by EpicSakura Sakura is useless:

How come a girl that people believe will surprass Tsunade is useless? Sakura has done many good things, let's start from part 1:
1) Sakura was protecting Tazuna without getting scared while Naruto froze.
2) She was willing to give up on exam for Naruto's sake so that he wouldn't be forever stuck as genin. She said this to herself "Always acting like a fool who only knows one thing… Hokage, Hokage. I'm sorry Naruto… that impossible dream of yours… I don't want to see it crushed!" basically Sakura was the first person to support Naruto's dream.
3) While Naruto and Sasuke were unconsious Sakura proctected them both, even as far as going to cut her hair by showing that she isn't obsessed with appearence.
4)  Sakura protected Sasuke from Gaara's attacks, risking her life to put herself between him and danger. Gaara used his sand to immobilise her, and as the sand slowly suffocated Sakura, Naruto fought to defeat Gaara using Sakura as inspiration to not give up, and save her.
5) Sakura realized that telling Naruto to save Sasuke for her was selfish, to make up for that she replied that, next time, they would retrieve Sasuke together, and that she would be there to help HIM from now on. Determined to never be useless again and to save Sasuke and help Naruto, Sakura then asked to become Tsunade's apprentice, a request which Tsunade happily accepted.
6)  Sakura was the only one among the Genin and a few other ninja's to be able to release the Genjutsu on herself and others.
7) Sakura gave Naruto the advice that he needed to be able to walk up the trees.
8) Sakura threw the kunai that kept Naruto from falling in the Forest of Death.
9) In Sasuke's databook it is said that the one that filled his lonely existence was Sakura. (some claim that databook's are false,NO! They're CANNON it's like an encyclopedia for Naruto series and it is written by no one else than author humself, writes most of info about characters from databook)
10) Jumps in and risks her life for Naruto who could've ended beheaded by Zabuza's sword if not for her.
Part 2:
1) Sakura saved Kankuro's life and easily created an antidote, which even best sand med-nins would never be able to make.
2) Sakura faces Sasori together with Chiyo, Sakura shows us her incredible regenaration, immunity to poisons, strenght,evasion and tactics. Together they defeat Sasori, Chiyo states that Sakura will surprass Tsunade.Sakura Fight 2 by sashun08 Sakura: I will get you... by Flash1710
3) Sakura heals Naruto after fight with Orochimaru.
4) Sakura found out about Sasuke's and Orochimaru's hideout.
5) Sakura told Naruto very determinedly that tears weren't going to bring Sasuke back.
6) In Hidan and Kakuzu arc: she healed the damage to Naruto's arm from the use of his new technique. Because this made it difficult for him to eat, she offered to feed him.
7)  Sakura tried to comfort both Naruto and Tsunade. When Naruto blamed Tsunade for the death of Jiraiya, Sakura scolded him. She was then shocked to hear Naruto declare that he would get his revenge. She later tried to help decipher Jiraiya's dying message to find out more about the Akatsuki leader, Pain, but was interrupted by Pain's attack on the village. After saving some villagers and killing Pain's Giant Centipede, Sakura went to the Konoha hospital, where she was quickly asked to lead the medical front defending the building and healing what injuries she could, impressing Chōji through her leadership and skills.
8) Saves Hinata's life.
9) Protects Karin from being killed by Sasuke and heals her afterwards.
10) In war Sakura was healing many wounded people.
11) Sakura defeats Zetsu who was pretending to be 'Neji' After being punched the transformation technique wears off and the White Zetsu clone resumes him original appearance. Sakura then interrogates the Zetsu about how he was able to get onto the compound undetected. Together with this information and a report Yamato had compiled on Zetsu, she pieces together the Zetsu's abilities and then leaves the clone in the hands of two shinobi to inform headquarters of this latest discovery.Sakura Gif: Sakura Vs. Neji by Darkkitty669
12) After being informed by Inoichi from HQ that Naruto and B were fighting the "masked Madara", Sakura and the rest of the Konoha 11 rush to his aid. As she runs, she thinks to herself that Naruto always got left with insurmountable tasks but this time would be different as not only her, but everyone would be there fighting alongside each other this time.
13) When Naruto was caught by Itachi's genjutsu Sakura helped him by touching his body and inserting her chakra to him to stop the flow.
14) Sakura was the first one to realize how Tobi's power's works.
15) Sakura and Naruto were people who made Sai want to understand Bond's/Feelings. Sakura was the first one that started to explain to Sai what Bonds are.
16) At war Sakura was the one to heal Kakashi's wounds.

17) Healed Naruto's wounds and helped him replenish his chakra.
18) With one hit she made enough destruction to kill ALOT of Juubi's clones.
19) Was storing up Chakra for 3 years to create a Byakugou sealing, which means in fight with Sasori she used only half of her chakra.
20) Gave courage to whole alliance
21) Mastered Tsunade's healing Jutsu and Summoned Katsuyu, with this Sakura is able to heal hundreds of people at once
22) Saved Shikamaru
23) When Naruto's Kyuubi was extracted Sakura kept him alive, by giving him cpr and making his heart beat for him.
24) Stands up to Madara for the sake to act as a diversion, shows that she has guts to fight her fears.
25) Saves Sasuke by giving chakra to Obito and letting Sasuke get out of dimension that he has been lost in.

.PRO Sakura Haruno by SoraLove7

EpicSakura 1 by EpicSakura Hinata is stronger than Sakura:

False, Hinata: Ninjutsu: 3 Taijutsu: 3.5, Genjutsu: 2.5 Intelligence: 3.5 Strenght: 1.5 Speed: 2.5 Stamina: 2 Hand seals: 3 Total: 21.5
while Sakura's:
Ninjutsu: 3 Taijutsu: 3, Genjutsu: 3.5 Intelligence: 4 Strenght: 3 Speed: 3 Stamina: 2.5 Hand seals: 4 Total: 26
These are canon power stats from Databook, this is their current power.
Badass Sakura by TejaMa .: Two Girls for Naruto - Collab Darkartmind87 :. by Neee-san

EpicSakura 5 by EpicSakura Sakura broke her relationships with Ino she's so selfish!!:

Sakura declared rivalry for Ino for Sasuke it's same thing that Naruto done to Sasuke when they were kids, Naruto too declared rivalry yet no one seems to hate him for that. And besides they were kids they didn't knew any better.(To herself, about Ino Yamanaka) "Ino… I have always believed those words you told me. I always hoped they were true. I wanted to be like you. You were my goal. Thanks to that, I'm here now. That is why, Ino, I want this to be an all out fight. Unless I… really surpass you, it's meaningless." But the most important part is that the real friendship never ended, Sakura and Ino many times was shown hanging out around together and Sakura asked Tsunade to teach Ino too, if she was selfish I doubt she would bother to do that,right?

Naruto and Sakura having same reason for rivalry:
 photo tumblr_mnb7icVUfB1rgapvlo1_500_zps4528f7d8.jpg
Sakura Ino - rivals by lostonezero

EpicSakura 6 by EpicSakura Comparing Sakura with Hinata:

Most of people that hate Sakura are Hinata/NaruHina/SasuKari fans, they seem to forget that Hinata hasn't done anything special, everytime she fought she lost and there's just nothing to say about her she never appears, she's just a romance-fodder, did she ever talked or did something that didn't include Naruto? Plus Lee is Sakura's fanboy so is Naruto, do you hate them for that? If you love somebody it's not strange to adore them and watch them. Sakura does same as everyone does, in part 1 she was a fangirl of Sasuke's at first it was a shallow feeling yet later it grows into a bond,friendship and love. Both Sakura and Hinata,Ino are good women, such thing as fangirling, loving someone shouldn't be used as bashing, because in real life you can't choose whom you fall in love with, it just happens.
Hinata's feelings being focused on are far, far more likely to be about her own character development than ending up with Naruto. Naruto hasn't shown any romantic interest in her whatsoever, hasn't shown to change his feelings for Sakura at all, and Hinata just keeps focusing on her feelings rather than Naruto's.
This is the arc where a lot of characters are getting loose threads resolved - Dan with Tsunade, Sai with his brother, Team 10 with Asuma, Neji with his father, etc. It makes sense to have Hinata's feelings resolved in this arc as well.
Hinata's thoughts are focused on her own feelings ("Naruto-kun…I've always been chasing after you…even now…but after this war ends, I'm going to stop once and for all…next time, I'll be next to you, holding your hand…walking with you…wait for me! "), and Sakura's were focused on Naruto's feelings, and how to best help him (" saved Konoha...and now you're trying to save the entire shinobi world...You always get left with these insurmountable tasks...but no matter what you say this time, we're going to be together...not just me, we're all going to fight together this time!").

Kunoichis - Sakura and Hinata by gabzillaz

EpicSakura 20 by EpicSakura If Sakura cared about Naruto why didn't she went to save him, while Hinata DID!!:

As a medical ninja Sakura is supposed to heal people and she should be the last one to fight and Sakura couldn't see what's going on when Naruto was fighting Pain, Sakura asked one of Hyuuga's to tell her what's going on, while Hinata was watching Naruto with her Byakugan and thinking if she should help him. And let's not forget that when Sakura saw Naruto in Kyuubi's mode she rushed to him when she knew that she could get killed, she was crying and screaming that she will save Sasuke FOR HIM not for herself.
And some people still say that even if she knew she wouldn't do anything... Well last time I checked she threw her life for old Lady Chiyo whom she barely knew, she didn't even thought about 'should I do it or not' she just did, because Sakura values lives of people, so if she did that for Chiyo I doubt that she wouldn't do that for Naruto who is very special to her.

After Tsunade, Sakura seems to be the girl helping the village the most. She physically fought against Pain's summons and then used her medical ninjutsu to save a countless number of people. After Naruto, she's the one from her generation who's been shown using all of her abilities to save her village.
While Naruto is out there protecting the village, Sakura's making sure there are enough people to call a village.
To All Sakura Haters by AncientKyuubi Naruto and Sakura by Sandfreak

EpicSakura 18 by EpicSakura Sakura's personality is just annoying!!:

Sakura has shown to be strong-willed and determined, not one to lose or give up in a fight easily most prominently seen during her fight with Sasori where despite being told to run by Chiyo, she stayed and fought. Sakura is naturally hot-headed along with being easily impulsive and stubborn, but most of the time, she is relatively kind, cheerful, and rational. And if you hate Sakura for her personality means you hate Tsunade and all other Tsundere characters and oh almost all main heroines are tsunderes, so aren't you very hateful,hm? And actually tsundere characters are considered funny and them hitting people is comedy relief, yet compared to other tsundere characters Sakura hits naruto very very rarely, in part II about 3 times? I don't hear people saying how much of a b*tch Nami from one piece is for hitting Luffy or Maka from soul eater... Maka is tsundere too =) Sakura has her flaws which make her more realistic. Compared to Sasuke atleast Sakura tries to fix her mistakes.
(Update) 2013 June 24
Sakura being selfless:
 photo tumblr_inline_monyziUMej1qz4rgp_zpsc093811f.png
 photo Foryou_zps8eb0a615.png
Sakura showing how much she understands Naruto:
 photo tumblr_mmujoy3EYB1rdv8fho1_500_zps468210a0.png
Sakura and Naruto having same dream:
 photo tumblr_mookpti5FS1rgapvlo1_500_zpsd99805b6.jpg

EpicSakura 15 by EpicSakura Sakura is such a crybaby I hate that!!!

Sakura never cried for no reason, and Naruto cried too, do you hate him for that too? Sasuke cried, Shikamaru cried, almost everyone cried... When you feel hurt you cry. She doesn't cry because of herself but she cries for others. But then again when Tsunade was hurt Shizune and Sakura are obviously people who worries most,Naruto was saying something about Tsunade very sadly and even thought Sakura is hurt too, she didn't cry she even tried to comfort Naruto, saying that Tsunade is strong woman and she will survive. If you hate Sakura for crying, you probably hate Naruto and other characters too, no? Or are you hypocrite with double-standards? ;>
Naruto 484 - Sakura by Shinjuuki

EpicSakura 11 by EpicSakura Sakura had chance to kill Sasuke but still fcked up,SUCH AN IDIOT!!

Sakura did failed to kill Sasuke, but is it so easy to kill a friend? A person you love, someone who was your idol, no it's really not. She wanted to kill him she thought that she would able to do so, but her feelings are too strong to do so, she cried of what Sasuke has bacame. But in their first meeting Sakura was actually determinated to punch Sasuke and she would have done so, but Yamato interfered because he stated that Sasuke had a serious intent to kill Sakura.… This video pretty much shows why she just couldn't do it. :)
Perfect Ending -Nami86 Berto- by diabolumberto

EpicSakura 16 by EpicSakura Sakura relies on Naruto too much!!

So does everyone else, yet when Sakura realized that it's bad, she said that from now on they will do things together, and in war yet again she says that it will not be just Naruto but 'we will all be together' (To herself) "Naruto… You saved Konoha… And now you're trying to save the entire shinobi world… You always get left with these insurmountable tasks… But no matter what you say this time, we're going to be together… Not just me… We're all going to fight together this time!.Naruto himself doesn't let Sakura interfere with Sasuke he says 'I will do it myself'.
So as she said, she is helping Naruto and even thought Naruto told her to rest she refused to do so and showed her strong will and powers, finally Sakura unleashes the power of Byakugou, something that only Tsunade had mastered, she made even the first Hokage Hashirama Senju to be surprised of such power.
 photo h011_zps2b15aa07.jpg

Overall Character Popularity Poll (basically they additioned all the votes of the past popularity polls.)

1) Kakashi Hatake - 48431 votes
2) Naruto Uzumaki - 42862 votes
3) Sasuke Uchiha - 33632 votes
4) Iruka Umino - 23532 votes
5) Shikamaru Nara - 11211 votes
6) Sakura Haruno - 9701 votes
7) Neji Hyuuga - 9362 votes
8) Gaara - 8660 votes
9) Rock Lee - 8614 votes
10) Itachi Uchiha - 7067 votes
11) Hinata Hyuuga - 6917 votes
12) Haku - 3551 votes
13) Maito Gai - 2913 votes
14) Temari - 2803 votes
15) Yondaime Hokage (Minato Namikaze) - 2734 votes
16) Deidara - 2555 votes
17) Kiba Inuzuka - 2398 votes
18) Hayate Gekkou - 2183 votes
19) Jiraiya - 2055 votes
20) Shino Aburame - 1963 votes

Quotes from manga about Sakura:

  • "Looks like the best at controlling chakra right now.. is Sakura...... Wow not only does she know a lot about chakra, but her control and stamina are quite good. " -Kakashi
  • "So... this is the way of the shinobi... It's too harsh..." -Tazuna watching Sakura trying to follow shinobi saying #25.
  • "Sakura... you must have noticed first right? Your analytical ability and genjutsu know-how... is the most improved on our team." -Sasuke
  • "The ability to gather chakra from every part of the body and then using it with great timing. In just that, she's above Sasuke. Well, in Sakura's case, from the beginning... she was always great at the control of chakra." -Kakashi
  • "That's not even it... Sakura is the same as Naruto... her inability to accept defeat is beyond the average person.." -Kakashi
  • "Pft... Sakura's hiding her feelings again..." -Ino
  • "Sakura! It was worth teaching you genjutsu during the genin survival training... as I thought, you have a talent for genjutsu..." -Kakashi
  • "! ... She held her ground against Gaara... even in his current state..." -Temari
  • "Haruno Sakura... I've heard from Kakashi that you're intelligent and that you have a strong spirit." -Tsunade
  • "That beauty and strength... it would seem as though you've raised another Tsunade, no?" -Jiraiya
  • "Wha... What insane power! You didn't just teach Sakura medical ninjutsu did you...?" -Kakashi
  • "She builds up the maximum amount of chakra in her fist, then releases it in an instant... without precise chakra control, she couldn't do that. It's a real feat. Medical ninjutsu plus amazing strength... no, that's not all. Because Sakura was originally a genjutsu type... she may become an even better ninja than the fifth..." -Kakashi
  • "S-Sakura-chan... you're great!" -Naruto after she heals Kankurou
  • "This is some girl... in this small amount of time, she's already beginning to see through Sasori's attack pattern, so that even without my assistance she can do it... A girl like this... Tsunade... you have a good apprentice indeed." -Chiyo
  • "Her strength, evasion, and healing wounds... that has definitely used up a lot of chakra... she should already be at her limit... but..." -Chiyo
  • "When mixing an antidote, not even a hairline mistake is allowed... even I who made the poison would need a detailed recipe of the mixture proportions..." - Sasori
  • "Hmph... I'll acknowledge that you're a brat to be reckoned with... that you took out Sandaime Kazekage... at this point against you another "Human Puppet" would be useless..." -Sasori
  • "Oho... worrying about others even with an injury like this? What a girl. While the sword is still in her, she's stopping the bleeding and healing herself... what a skillful one." -Sasori
  • "Sakura... next time instead of risking your life for a dying old woman, I want you to protect those most important to you.. you are... a lot like me... After all, a woman with a gallant spirit matching any man's is a rarity indeed... Surely you'll become a kunoichi even greater than your master..." -Chiyo
  • "That you can use a fake smile like that... I'll remember it." -Sai
  • "Sakura isn't stupid. And she's not so much of a child as to not understand other people's circumstances." -Sai
  • "She smiled as she said she'd work with everyone else. But this time I was able to tell it was a fake smile. . . " -Sai
  • "You're the enemy... I don't want to sympathize with you... so .. so don't... Don't cry like that in front of me...! ... Damn it..." -Karin
  • "This girl caught me........ She's pretty sharp..." - White Zetsu
  • "What a raw power! This girl might be worse than Tsunade." - Senju Hashirama, The first Hokage.
  • "This girl...she reminds me of Kushina" - Namikaze Minato, The fourth Hokage.


So I'm really proud of Sakura, of how she is keeping Naruto alive, even if this is really hard moment for he to see Naruto dead, she is doing everything in her abilities to make him live, in such moment she is still emotionally strong, not giving up. Sakura is great! :)

This is going to be updated.

Disclaimer: this journal contains lots of pink color and Sakura.

Thanks for some people giving more advice's to this journal! =)
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niasweet71 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest, I used to hate Sakura a while ago. I used to think of her as useless, a crybaby, an attention seeker and a fangirl that only cares about her appearance and Sasuke. I never truly cared to think about her story or her development. But now, she's my absolute favorite character! I asked myself, why did I hate her? then when I reread Naruto, I found out that she is so much more. Her personality and character development still amazes me. And her powers are amazing, even when I used to hate her, I thought that the fight between Sakura/Chiyo and Sasori was incredibly awesome. I started seeing her in a different light, then she became my favorite character! What amazes me is that even tho she doesn't have a bloodline limit nor is she a Jinchuuriki, she became so strong. I think that between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Sakura had trained the hardest and gained the most. She is smart, and she is a medical ninja, and she has super strength, and she can use the Byakugou seal whom only Tsunade could activate, and she surpassed the fifth Hokage! But there are things that irked me so much, I know that Kishimoto said that he doesn't know how to make female characters, but he created Sakura and the other girls are all amazing. But Sakura had so much potential and he destroyed it all in the end. In the war she was extremely badass and awesome and she showed everyone that she is strong and capable and an amazing Medical nin. But Kishimoto squashed all of that. In the end she married Sasuke that treated her wrong so many times and became a normal housewife, where she should have been a head Medic-nin or something that shows what she had worked for for years, in the end, Kishimoto brought her back to her 12 year old self and stomped on all her potential. Even tho I ship Naruhina and I don't really ship NaruSaku. I think it would have been for the better if Naruto did really marry Sakura, then she might have been the Hokage's wife and/or head Medic and it frustrates me that in the end she married Sasuke that didn't deserve her and became a faded housewife, not the Medical prodigy she should have been. Sorry for the long rant ^^;
cheeryY Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
Honestly I am very disappointed as a Sakura fan, so much that no longer do I want to do anything related to her or Naruto series in general. Not only Sakura got back where she started but my favourite character Sasuke, what has he came to be, a wandering bum, while Naruto lives in glory as a hokage, he does nothing special, nothing to be proud of, nothing that a Sasuke's fan would want him to be, atleast make him work, like be new anbu leader, maybe do something related to his clan. This ending changed my feelings for Naruto as a character too, I never was big fan of him, but grown up Naruto, who is that guy? It's not Naruto that I know, even Sakura is still Sakura like and Sasuke's grumpy face is still there, while Naruto is nothing like how grown up Hashirama,Jiraiya and etc. were, it's like he's not related to them anymore. Honestly at this point I'm no fan of Naruto series, nor any of Naruto ships. I was NaruSakuSasu shipper, but I wanted Sakura to be with Naruto, because her development seemed to point that she is growing romantic feelings for Naruto and her being with Sasuke makes her have little to no self respect IMO. But meh, Kishimoto really didn't care about her in the end.
I would recommend you try and read Magi, great series, awesome females and males, my current favourite manga, heroine is similar to Sakura but the better version, she has super strenght, speed, fire chains(kushina much?) and she kicks ass, she's raw nigga xD
And me too sorry for ranting, I'm just disappointed ^o^
niasweet71 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I completely agree with you, while I'm not a fan of Sasuke, Kishimoto didn't do him justice. Kishimoto didn't do any of them justice. 
I do know about Magi! I only read a little and it is absolutely hilarious and awesome. I'm assuming you're talking about Morgana? She is really awesome! I'll continue it soon when I find the time ^^
cheeryY Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist
Yup Morgiana! :3 And you're really nice NH fan the ones I usually meet immediatly disagree with anything I say, call me butthurt and salty NS fan even thought I ship SS too, people  like you are awesome!
Can I hug you? :D
*forces hug anyway*
InfamousVision Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I truthfully don't like Sakura. I disliked her personality in part 1. But later on in part 2, she was starting to warm up to me (Btw, I've watched a few episodes of shippuden, I'm in the process of watching the series.) until the 'love confession' (but I understood why she did that, I still don't like it though.) & ch.699 & 700 (I'm going to be in denial & pretend that they don't exist.)

However, I'm sick of fan fics (reader inserts/OCs x Sasuke/Naruto) that nearly always uses Sakura as the antagonist/one of the main bitches. I may not like Sakura but I refuse to always do that to her. I also hate when people say she's the most useless character in this. 

Now, I discovered this because of a nice girl (Orchid-Queen) on here (deviantart). I'm in the process of making a fan fic & it involves Sakura as one of the main protagonists (It's a Reader insert btw.) As a writer, I don't really like to rely on my personal feelings especially when it comes to disliked characters because it's not fair to do that to the him/her (and because I want to be a better writer). I want my future readers to understand the characters' personality instead of fueling the burning fire that's lead them to dislike him/her. 

Like I told Orchid, I'm open-minded about things. I'm curious to see how people view the characters or a situation so I can get a better understanding of them because I know there is more to the person or event than people acknowledge. And you know what, I thank you for making this, I now have a better understanding of Sakura.
cheeryY Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist
Thanks. What makes fanfic good is the ability to keep characters as close to original as possible, on tumblr I saw a lot of people whining about how they hate when characters are incredibly out of character in fanfiction. I wish you luck, just imagine Sakura as normal teenage girl, full of emotions, but she's kind and gentle, just that she doesn't always show it. :) Oh and she's very stubborn. ^^
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Thank you :)
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Just curious, what are your thoughts on the finale?

I personally was unsatisfied. A large part of that was that to me was that Sakura reverted back to her 12 year old self before her best characteristics came to light. Then we see she is married to Sasuke with a daughter, which just rubs me the wrong way. I got the impression that Sakura was going to do something to keep Naruto and Sasuke from killing each other. While I don't want to dismiss her healing both of them the best she could at the end, it seemed to me that at that point they were both out of mortal danger. 

I felt we also didn't get to see her reach her full opposed to Naruto and Sasuke who blew their potentials out of the water. 

Granted, I'm quite biased (NaruSaku shipper here) but I just felt like MK was planning on something with her character that just got thrown out the window. She didn't have to get together with Naruto, but if she still chose Sasuke at the end, I would have liked to see her not put up with Sasuke's crap and turn her Tsundere tendencies on him when he crosses the line. It just feels like Sasuke unintentionally diminishes her character while everyone else seems to improve her. As it is now, their relationship just feels abusive to me. Also, what was the point of the Kushina comparisons? They brought it up and chose not to follow through with it.

I really think it has to do with "The Last". It seems to me that someone derailed the original plans and to make sense of the epilogue we have to go with an otherwise stand-alone movie. They even seem to be retconning Naruto's feelings for her, saying it was just a crush and he always wanted to be with Hinata (to which I respond THEN WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THESE YEARS!?)
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I'm very disappointed. My two favorite characters got shat on, both Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto has went from my favorite mangas to hated, I will never defend Sakura anymore, I will never defend this manga. I will stick to Magi and it's greatness. Naruto sold out it's characters for money.

Look at how many mistakes chapter 700 has. It cannot be described as good, well thought ending. In one panel Shikamaru wears one clothes and has a beard in other panel he wears different clothes and his beard disappears. Then in one panel Tsunade wears clothes with long sleeves, in other panel she doesn't have sleeves anymore and her long hair bangs are gone. It also contradicts manga, it is said you get whiskers only if you are born from female jinchuuriki, guess who has whiskers? Naruto's kids, now we can't be sure, maybe Naruto is the mother and Hinata is father? And then there's bunch of illogical pairings out of nowhere, this is all done for money, they need new series so they're poppin' bunch of kids for it.

People are mocking NS fandom, calling them worst fans, but for me fans who take trash and worship it are much worse, if authors throws trash at me I will throw it back at him. I give credits when it's due, but Naruto for me had worst ending I had seen so far, I read so many mangas none of them disappointed me so. Fairy tail I dropped before seeing it's ending because author is ridiculing his own characters with bunch of fanservice,  I'm the kind of person that puts characters before pairings and if author is shitting on characters I will be shitting on his manga, characters are what makes the story, when you have no consideration whatsoever for their development you're shitty writer. Game of Thrones writer doesn't give a fuck of what people tell him to do or write, he is the writer, his story. But Fairy tail author and now has joined Naruto author are writing what fans tell them, what editors tell them, what sells better. I don't want anything to do with Naruto anymore, I am moving onto better things that give me positive feelings and good writing. Sakura's development shows a woman incapable of standing up for herself and clinging to a man that has been giving so much negativity to her life and then she becomes pretty wife with long nails and shining lips, where's that second Tsunade that she should had been hm?

Anyway I could be ranting forever on this, there's so much illogical things with this ending that I just cannot comprehend with. I would recommend you to do same thing as I, read something better. My best recommendation would be, Magi - The labyrinth of magic and Noragami. :)
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Eh, I wouldn't go that far. An otherwise great series with a bad ending is still very good in my opinion. We probably will never know what went on behind the scenes for a while, but all authors, no matter what kind of story they write should NEVER LISTEN TO THE FANS. IT NEVER WORKS. Spider Man 3 is the best example of this; the studio wanted Venom because fans wanted Venom. So they got a director who never liked the character to begin with shoe-horn him in and turn in a mediocre product as a result. And if fans are they way to go, then why is most fanfiction terrible? 

I think the best comparison on how to deal with this is to look at American Comic Book fans. Many are upset with the direction their favorite characters are taking (Superior Spider Man, anyone?), but they will always cherish what they were in the past. I think that's what those of us upset with the ending of Naruto should do, and criticize Kishimoto accordingly. 

From what I hear, many in Japan are not happy about the ending either (in particular Naruto's seiyuu). Perhaps if critical response and fan outcry is negative enough, we'll get an alternate ending.
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